Laurie W.

"Ashley has worked with me to identify my problem areas and find solutions. She listens to me and has put together personalized workouts that are geared towards my goals. She has also reviewed my diet for problem areas and made suggestions based on my tastes. I've been to gyms and had the cookie cutter routines, working with Ashley has been 100% better."

Kristen B.

"Ashley met me for coffee one afternoon to go over programs, get some insight on my goals, explain what she is all about and what she could do for me. Ashley is extremely knowledgeable, professional and motivating as well as kind and fun to workout with. She gives me a workout plan for each week and nutritional guidance. She keeps workouts interesting and upbeat. I would definitely recommend her. If you need a trainer, give her a try and I hope she will work out as well for you as she has for me."

Jordyn D.

"I had just met Ashley about a week ago and I am so thrilled that I chose her as my trainer. She is so eager to build me up on what goals i want to achieve and accomplish. She most definitely keeps me motivated through workouts and meal prep. I would highly recommend Ashley as a trainer for anyone who wants to lose weight, get in shape and tone."