Our goal is to provide you with the best fitness experience possible! We are here to inspire and educate you to commit to a healthy lifestyle that you can really stick to!  We all have daily struggles that can knock us off track but we are here to help you get through those tough moments!  We strive to provide you with a friendly, nonjudgmental, and motivating environment that will keep your mind/body happy and healthy, while maximizing your results!

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Susan E.

Ash is a phenomenal trainer! She knows exactly what works and what doesn’t, and is quick to figure out why something isn’t quite working and how to correct it. I have several physical issues, and Ash was able to construct workouts that still produced the results while not triggering any problem areas. She gives detailed and easy to follow workouts that supplement our sessions. Fun, relaxing personality, great depth of knowledge, extremely reasonable rates, a definite 5 out of 5!


I have been working with Ashley at Tailored Fitness for 3 months and have seen amazing results in that time. I have never felt stronger or healthier. Ashley is passionate about fitness and is very motivating. She makes sure each workout is tailored to each individual. She also insures you always have proper form to make sure you get the most of your workout without injuring yourself. She motivates me to push myself further then i have ever imagined . I have more  energy,  my balance has improved and I feel so proud of my achievements . If you want to challenge yourself and need a push Ashley will make you think much more deeper then getting fit, It’s also about becoming mentally strong. Thank you Ashley! Can’t wait to continue my journey with you!

Donna G.

Ashely is a knowledgable and professional trainer. She truly cares about her clients success and works hard to set up a plan that works for exactly what you are looking for. Since I’ve started working with Ashley, I’ve seen and felt many improvement in not only my body, but my overall health as well. She gives me the push I need but always respects my limits and helps me reach my goals. I would highly recommend Ashley to anyone looking for a personal trainer.


1 ON 1

Need an extra push? Take advantage of a 60 minute strength training session where all the attention is on you!  Programming will always be specific to your needs and accomplishing your fitness goals.   Training sessions will always include an appropriate warm up and cool down phase to prepare your body to do some work, and prevent always injury.

Additional instructors and trainers coming soon


2-5 in session

The most cost effective 60 minute session that will include anywhere from 2-5 people in the same hour.  Semi-Privates, like private sessions will still allow you to get your own fitness program, workouts, and motivation! It’s a great way to get fit and get support from a fitness professional, and from your peers who are battling the same struggles as you.


15 person max for indoors

Larger classes will be available outdoors in the summer!

A great way to find motivation and transform your body! Very friendly and encouraging environment designed for all fitness levels.  Classes range in duration and intensity levels.  Regardless of what you’re looking for, we have a class for you with the instructors you need!


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