Born and raised in Buffalo, NY, Ashley has always had a passion for sports and competition. She played softball, basketball and was a Varsity Captain on her cheerleading and soccer teams. Leadership skills came natural at an early age.

In 2009, Ashley graduated from UB (University At Buffalo) with a BA. Throughout her high school and college years she was a bartender, and being connected to the nightlife made it difficult staying fit. Subsequently, she put on 60 lbs. and finally committed to making a lifestyle change.

For a year, she worked out excessively on her own and was frustrated with limited results. She pursued a trainer who introduced her to lifting and she immediately realized that changing body composition requires a specific training process compared to simply being athletic and working out.

This is when her passion for lifting was born and within a year, Ashley was already training for a bodybuilding show. The following year she was on stage in the figure category for Ms Buffalo competitions.

She immediately began helping others realize this important shift in mindset, lifestyle and training. It was at this time that she knew making fitness a career was the right choice and became certified with ISSA.

Ashley’s early road to personal training took a devastating turn in Oct 2012, when she moved to NJ a few days before Hurricane Sandy made its mark on the city. The mass damage and flooding had her without power for days and she lost all of her personal property. Her plans and scheduled interviews were put on hold as she forged through the disaster. She was down but not out, and continued to push on her mission.

She interviewed with a personal training company and earned the opportunity to develop her fitness career. Her experience in managing bars also provided her with the skills she needed for promotion into management with the personal training company. Before she knew it, she became General Manager, which was bitter sweet. As GM, she was not in a personal training role, but she later realized that it was a blessing in disguise. The experience allowed her to gain knowledge and business development she would not have had earned without the opportunity.

At the time, the closest gym was a 45 min commute, in which she gladly drove to make the most of her new town and position in the industry.

Her continuous drive and work ethic led her to another promotion, landing her as Senior GM, being responsible for multiple locations in the NJ and Staten Island area. She was energized with the opportunity to impact a larger group of clients and eventually was trusted with projects out of state that required travel; such as NC and FL. This led to her quickly climbing the ladder to District Manager and relocated to Miami.

Her passion was to start her own business and she decided to do this back home in Buffalo, NY. When she returned home, she re-established herself in the area, continued training clients and utilized all that she has learned on her fast-paced journey.

Ashley re-certified as a CPT with NASM and started to build clientele outside of her local gym. Building a small studio in her basement to take on new clients who were dedicated to training with her was only a start. She quickly outgrew the studio space and official launched her company Tailored Fitness in June 2016.

Through word of mouth, networking, and building relationships, she grew her client base large enough to require a professional studio space in March 2017. She is currently maxing out her schedule and before long will be in need of a larger space.

She tailors her approach to each individual client, realizing that there are many different bodies, fitness levels and she loves helping everyone max out to their highest potential. Motivation, leadership and passion for personal fitness and development keep her growing and helping her clients at the highest level possible!